Join Hive Networks’ mission-driven all-star team

Hive Networks John Bostick

John Bostick, Hive Networks’ Founder and CEO

Why is it then that healthcare is one of the only sectors that doesn’t use some sort of social network to help patients with chronic conditions share data, analytics, and ways of making small incremental improvements in their daily lives?

That was the question successful Cincinnati entrepreneur John Bostick, and CincyTech Executive in Residence asked himself. And that’s how Hive Networks came to be. “Hive Networks is on a mission. To help people get better faster. Very simple.” Bostick said.

The platform leverages data from all sources about a patient and supports a continuous learning process where patients and their families, clinicians and their teams, researchers and their staffs all contribute to the best health outcome for the patient.

According to Scott Roth, CTO of Hive Networks, it “has the potential to rapidly and organically grow into one of the largest healthcare software platforms in the world.”

The company is carefully looking for some ‘A players’ to add to its team. Bostick said, “We want players who are used to working with other top performers with minimal direction. Players who are truly committed to our mission.”

If you are a Full-Stack Software Engineer with 3-5 years of experience, a DevOps expert who is used to making a difference, or have an interest as a Business Intelligence Engineer, you can find detailed requirements for the jobs here.