Virtual Incision wants to simplify robotic surgery

Virtual Incision's MIRA is the first miniaturized robotic assisted surgery platform

Lincoln, Nebraska’s Virtual Incision, a spinout from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, is on a mission to simplify robotic surgery by developing the first miniaturized robotic assisted surgery platform called MIRA.…

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Music meets edtech

Punkademic lets students develop the technical skills to compose, record, remix, improvise, and edit music

According to its website, music edtech startup Punkademic got its name because it was founded by academic ex-patriots—”the punks of the academic world.” The company offers online music courses in everything…

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Company wants to introduce kids to AI early

Roozbeh Aliabadi, CEO, ReadyAI

The STEM movement advocates moving away from segmented content areas, emphasizing technology to connect the subjects, and relating teaching to the outside world. Today, a Pittsburgh startup wants to do…

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The business of rare earth elements

ReElement Technologies' rare earth element facility in Noblesville, Indiana

Rare earth elements have become the new oil, playing a major role in the technological advancements made in the last 50 years. The elements, found in the earth’s crust, are…

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