Wireless charging | Testing unmanned aerial systems | OSU & quantum technology

Flyover Future talks with Indiana Department of Transportation about their partnership with Purdue University to create a wireless charging highway segment. Plus, Esri opening an office at T-REX, testing unmanned aerial systems in Ohio, Kansas State University researchers are looking at Graphene as a battery replacement, and startup funding across Flyover Country.

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New $10M rolling fund + the company behind it & more!

Flyover Future Puddle Hops

Innovation in the Midwest: Flyover Future talks with Comeback Capital’s Scott Shane about their new $10M fund, Purdue University stacking up utility patents, Columbus most friendly to remote jobs, robots & manufacturing, and startup funding.

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Targeting Alzheimer’s | An AI boost for clinical trials | Vaccine development tech

“Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history.” — Carl Sagan, American astronomer Today’s itinerary: New treatment target for Alzheimer’s Hope for neurodevelopmental disorder in children Eli Lilly buys diabetes biotech An AI boost for clinical trials & research Teen inventor competes in…

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