Rethinking digital transformation management

Kentucky is home to universities that are leading the pace on digital transformation in the enterprise. We sat down with Eric Satterly, CIO and associate vice president for digital transformation and IT, at Louisville-based Bellarmine University, a private higher education institution. We talked about today’s digital transformation efforts inside the enterprise.

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Wireless charging | Testing unmanned aerial systems | OSU & quantum technology

Flyover Future talks with Indiana Department of Transportation about their partnership with Purdue University to create a wireless charging highway segment. Plus, Esri opening an office at T-REX, testing unmanned aerial systems in Ohio, Kansas State University researchers are looking at Graphene as a battery replacement, and startup funding across Flyover Country.

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New $10M rolling fund + the company behind it & more!

Flyover Future Puddle Hops

Innovation in the Midwest: Flyover Future talks with Comeback Capital’s Scott Shane about their new $10M fund, Purdue University stacking up utility patents, Columbus most friendly to remote jobs, robots & manufacturing, and startup funding.

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Targeting Alzheimer’s | An AI boost for clinical trials | Vaccine development tech

Imaging robot

“Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history.” — Carl Sagan, American astronomer Today’s itinerary: New treatment target for Alzheimer’s Hope for neurodevelopmental disorder in children Eli Lilly buys diabetes biotech An AI boost for clinical trials & research Teen inventor competes in…

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