Innovators Podcast – S1 E3: Len Napolitano, CEO of Capture Higher Ed

If it wasn’t for the GI Bill, Len Napolitano wouldn’t be our guest on this week’s Flyover Future Presents: Innovators podcast. Instead this U.S. Army veteran and EdTech pioneer (now CEO of Capture Higher Ed) talks with us about how data can align students with the right schools and schools with the right students.

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Innovators Podcast – S1 E2: Rebecca Brown Rice, Louisville Healthcare CEO Council

Can loneliness kill you? What’s the difference between treating diabetes and treating the diabetic? Can where I live impact the future of my health?

These are among the vital questions being answered today through a new approach to gathering and analyzing healthcare data. This week we sit down with Rebecca Brown Rice, neuroscientist turned data expert, and Director of Operations at the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council (LHCC).

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