Stories of Innovation in your own Backyard!

New Flight Plans: Edge computing company finds success in Indianapolis

August 5, 2022

We write a lot about how the Midwest is a better place to start a business than the coastal hubs. But this time we asked someone who has started businesses in Palo Alto, Calif., and Indianapolis. Flyover Future founder Tom Cottingham spoke with CEO and founder of Scale Computing Jeff Ready about edge computing, the Indianapolis ecosystem,…

Detroit’s Airspace Link offers drone solutions for pilots and businesses

August 4, 2022

Detroit-based Airspace Link is helping build the digital infrastructure that will empower drones to transform how goods and services are delivered, both locally and over longer distances. The company’s AirHub platform aggregates data from the FAA, geo-location services, and local communities – more than 60 sources all told – to enable drone operators to map…

New Flight Plans: A CISO’s advice for Midwesterners to stay safe – ask more questions

August 1, 2022

Knowing what your company needs to stay secure is not easy. Do you need multiple, comprehensive tools? Do you need to spend a fortune on consultants? Can one tool do all the work? The answer you’ll likely get is, “It depends.”  Chris Roberts, founder of the HillBilly Hit Squad and CISO at Boom Supersonic, sat…

Industrial tech: Biometrics, AI and machine learning keep workers safer

July 28, 2022

Founded and funded by a woman-lead team, Kenzen now has a global client base and about 15 employees. We spoke to Lehmann about the inspiration behind Kenzen and the company’s position for growth as heat injury becomes an increased concern for industrial employers.

New Flight Plans: Expert talks politics in relation to security and why he hates Cybersecurity Awareness Month

July 26, 2022

Why would a political scientist be the go-to guy for cybersecurity? Well, it turns out there’s a lot of crossover. That’s what Flyover Future’s founder Tom Cottingham found out when he interviewed Dr. Richard Harknett, professor and director of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Cincinnati.  The two chatted about…

CarBeast app is a ‘WebMD for cars’

July 21, 2022

It’s probably fair to say that at some point most of us have had to place blind trust in a car mechanic. We also trust them to tell us what maintenance issues we can expect in the future with our cars. Ann Arbor-based CarBeast has created an app, with tech licensed from company Ubiquiti, that not only…

New Flight Plans: The future of cybersecurity, according to a professor at Carnegie Mellon

July 14, 2022

We talk with Matthew Butkovic, from the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, about the future of cybersecurity.

Tribal Nations and aerospace innovation in Oklahoma

July 14, 2022

Oklahomans are betting on the aerospace industry as a cornerstone of technological innovation and economic growth.

New Flight Plans: Data privacy, the future of CIOs and how soft skills can help your career

July 12, 2022

How will Apple’s and Google’s new data rules affect your business? Can you deal with the most difficult person in an organization? What will the future of CIOs look like? These are all important questions we recently asked of global data privacy expert Debbie Reynolds, also known as the Data Diva. She took the time to…

Leveraging cognitive science and artificial intelligence to improve sales

June 30, 2022

Confirmed is an emerging SaaS company that uses cognitive science and artificial intelligence to increase salespeople’s meeting acceptance rates.