Stories of Innovation in your own Backyard!

Tulsa Innovation Labs partners to transform America’s heartland into a hub for energy technology startups

September 26, 2022

Tulsa Innovation Labs (TIL) began with a mission to build a tech hub that leverages Tulsa’s strengths and to create inclusive opportunities in tech and sticky, long-term, high-wage jobs in…

The business of rare earth elements

September 21, 2022

Rare earth elements have become the new oil, playing a major role in the technological advancements made in the last 50 years. The elements, found in the earth’s crust, are…

Women in cybersecurity: How one woman persisted to live her dreams

September 19, 2022

  Tosin Ajayi moved to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria, in 2009 at the age of 20. Two years ago, she was able to land her dream job at…

TurnSignl offers on demand attorney guidance app for traffic stops

September 12, 2022

Dismayed by news of people of color losing their lives at traffic stops, three friends in Minneapolis wanted to find a way to de-escalate such encounters and ensure the safety…

How HCI by Scale Computing and Prosource helped this architecture firm do the important work

September 12, 2022

Image: metamorworks/ShutterstockWhen building or maintaining a network and data storage architecture, you have to think about a lot of things. Unfortunately, one of those things is maintenance. You have to…

What is HCI? A beginner’s intro to hyper-converged infrastructure and why you might need it

September 9, 2022

You may have heard about a type of infrastructure that sounded really cool but you’re not sure what it means and why it might be right for your business. Hyper-converged…

Tech transfer initiatives at regional universities are making a huge impact on our innovation economy

September 1, 2022

Universities are where groundbreaking discoveries happen. From Google, the barcode, and Gatorade to the polio vaccine, research at universities plays a critical role in improving the world around us. Flyover…

The uphill battle of hiring tech talent: What’s your edge?

August 31, 2022

Today’s job market is a boon for those looking for jobs. But for businesses trying to hire and keep tech talent, it’s a struggle – especially for technology companies. Though…

Black Hat and DEF CON 2022: Hacking tractors and satellites, and the cyberwar in Ukraine

August 25, 2022

The annual Black Hat cybersecurity conference and DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas celebrated its 25th anniversary this month. The conferences began in 1997. To get a sense of…

Easing talent pipeline problems with virtual reality

August 23, 2022

For veteran businesses, the key to remaining successful is to keep innovating. VisionThree has been creating VR, AR, and touch-interactive solutions for businesses for almost 20 years. While the company…

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$2.38M to test tumor cell-killing drug | South Korean co. expands to Indiana

July 20, 2022

Drug to treat rare genetic liver disorder | A sleep app for easing PTSD | New cochlear implant

July 20, 2022
Lawrence, Kansas July 10, 2022 - Downtown Lawrence KS on Mass Street Near the Granada Theater

Tech jobs grow | Lawrence is hot | Scale raises $55m

July 19, 2022
Data Privacy & the Future of CIOs

E2: Cyber Risk and Resilience with Matthew Butkovic

July 18, 2022
Data Privacy & the Future of CIOs

E1: Data Privacy & the Future of CIOs with Debbie Reynolds

July 14, 2022
facial recognition

Detroit airport’s facial recognition tech | First ever cyclorotor hybrid drone

July 14, 2022
Startup Funding

Fello secures $25M | Airspace Link closes on $23M | SHARE Mobility closes on $12M Series A

July 14, 2022

Cleveland Clinic spinout lands $33M | Growing medical startups in Warsaw, IN

July 13, 2022
flexible implant for pain relief

A drug-free pain reliever | Specialty meds delivered by drone

July 13, 2022
Detriot Technology

17 new tech hubs in Detroit | Iowa State protects renewable energy | Michigan students get Wi-Fi 6E

July 12, 2022
Puddle Hops

Diagnose vehicle problems with AI | Astrobotic passes NASA test

June 30, 2022
Startup Funding

Drive Capital raises an additional $1B | Rolls-Royce signs $75M research agreement with Purdue

June 30, 2022

Artio Medical closes on $28M round | Parton donates $1M for children’s disease

June 29, 2022
Imaging robot

Imaging robot used in spine surgery | MyUPMC app adds new feature | Math and heart attacks

June 29, 2022
Flyover Future ITSR

New wireless network in Indiana | STEAM & Dream goes on tour | Park Place Technologies makes third acquisition

June 28, 2022

AI and specialty crop growth | Detroit ranks at top of startup ecosystems

June 22, 2022

Tulsa VC launches angel investing program | Wizest closes on $1.7M

June 22, 2022
Startup Funding

CareBridge closes on $140M | Sleep data co. lands $20M

June 22, 2022

New hope for liver cancer patients | AI and diabetic retinopathy

June 22, 2022
Flyover Future

Covington tech startup lands $9M | Rare earth magnets to be made in Oklahoma

June 21, 2022