Welcome to the Flyover Innovation Ecosystem Radar!

This is a tool we created internally to help our staff track and report on the leading innovation companies in Flyover Country. It’s been so useful to us, we decided to polish it up a bit and make it available for free to all our readers so you can better understand Our region's various innovation ecosystems.

It’s an interactive resource that enables you to connect the dots and track how new ideas, university research, emerging technology, funding resources, and economic development are coming together to power industries and shape our future.

The work is far from done! We started coverage in the Ohio Valley region and are fast spreading across the Midwest! And things change fast when it comes to innovative companies. The Innovation Radar is constantly being grown and refined by analysts on our staff. We are asking you, our subscribers, to help fill in the gaps and make our Innovation Radar a true essential resource for us all to use.

It is free to use to all Flyover Future subscribers!

Keep toggling below to learn how to use it and how to sign on. It’s fast, free and simple!


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