Name that City — Feb 17, 2020

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying Name that Flyover City!

  1. The Flying Pig Marathon is held every year in this city.
  2. This city is home to the Proud Raven Totem Pole that bears Abraham Lincoln’s likeness at the top.
  3. This city has a series of tunnels and skywalks that connect a large part of its downtown building and parking garages.

And here are the answers:

  1. Cincinnati, OH—In the 1800s, pigs were a major source of income for the city and they were often herded through town to the processing plants. When Cincy decided to celebrate its bicentennial in 1988, it contacted designer Andrew Leicester to design the riverfront common area. The entrance to Bicentennial Commons became four smokestacks, for the city’s riverboat heritage, with four flying pigs on top, reflecting, according to Leicester, the spirits of the pigs who gave their lives so the city could grow.
  2. Springfield, IL—The original Proud Raven Totem Pole was carved in Alaska by the local Tlingit tribe. The current reproduction in Springfield wasn’t constructed until the late 1960s and is made out of fiberglass.
  3. Oklahoma City, OK—Downtown OKC’s Underground is a series of tunnels and skywalks that is about one mile long and covers more than 20 square blocks.

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