Name That City! — January 14, 2021

Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. For a week in 1982, Broadlands Medical Center in this city was deluged with calls from all over the world asking about a famous patient who had to get rabies shots. In what city did this happen?
  2. Hank Williams, Sr. spent the last night of his life in this city.
  3. This city is home to an interlinked collection of enclosed pedestrian footbridges that enables people to walk in climate-controlled comfort year-round.

And here are the answers:

  1. Des Moines, IA – Ozzy Osbourne was the patient, and it wasn’t a case of being bitten by a wild animal. It was a case of him biting an animal—a bat, in fact. It happened during a Black Sabbath concert in the city.
  2. Knoxville, TN– Williams stopped off at Knoxville’s Andrew Johnson Hotel on his way to a gig in Canton. He died during the night at 29 years of age.
  3. Minneapolis, MN—The walkway is called the Minneapolis Skyway. It connects various buildings in 80 full city blocks over 11 miles (18 km).

Thanks for playing!