Name That City! — March 4, 2023

Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. Joseph Pulitzer’s name is best known for the Pulitzer Prizes which were established as a result of his endowment to Columbia University. But in what city did he begin his own journalism career?
  2. There is a museum that is devoted to sign history. In what city is it located?
  3. They’re a routine sight now, but did you know that dumpsters weren’t a thing until 1935? Do you know where dumpsters got their start?

And here are the answers!

  1. St. Louis, IL—In 1878, Pulitzer bought the fading St. Louis Dispatch and merged it with John Dillon’s St. Louis Post, forming the St. Louis Post and Dispatch. Through the paper, Pulitzer developed his role as a champion of the common man, featuring exposés and a hard-hitting populist approach.
  2. Cincinnati, OH—The American Sign Museum takes you through a half century of American signage, from the late 1800s hand-painted signs to neon ones used today. It boasts 19,000 square feet of exhibit space.
  3. Knoxville, TN—George Dempster came up with his concept of dumpsters while helping his brothers in their construction company. Instead of just using the big receptacles for rock and debris, Dempster realized smaller versions could be used for trash. Thus, Dempster’s Dumpsters was born. (Really, what else could he have named it?)

Thanks for playing!