Name that City! — September 30, 2021

Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. What Midwestern city was home to the Civella crime family?
  2. Which American city is the home of Primanti Brothers, a sandwich shop famous for putting fries and coleslaw ON the sandwich?
  3. Which Southern city houses the NASCAR Hall of Fame?

And here are the answers:

  1. Kansas City, Missouri–KC was the home of the Civella Family, also known as the Kansas City Mafia. Organized crime that falls under the auspices of “La Cosa Nostra” (Italian for “our thing”) has been active in Kansas City since 1912, when Sicilian immigrants settled there and undertook various “rackets” in the city. The enterprise grew during Prohibition and after subsequent leaders were “whacked,” Nicholas Civella rose to the forefront and carried the family’s operations into the modern era. After his death in 1983, other Civellas stepped into the leadership role. The family’s network, which was eventually integrated with all of the major crime families across the US, crumbled in the 1980’s under pressure from the FBI. There is reportage that there are still 50 or so “made guys” in Kansas City.
  2. Pittsburgh, PA–The story goes that truck drivers would stop at Primanti Brothers’ “Strip District” location in Pittsburgh to grab a meal for the road. To facilitate one-handed eating, the restaurant started putting fried potatoes on the sandwich, and a legend was born. Primanti Brothers now boasts 33 locations, as far-flung as West Virginia and Michigan, where customers enjoy “Almost Famous” menu selections like, “the Pitts-burger,” the “Joe, Dick & Stanley,” and the “When Pigs Fly,” along with over a dozen varieties of tater tots.
  3. Charlotte NC–Race fans from across the globe flock to Charlotte to experience the majesty of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. With a multitude of exhibits and “interactive experiences” to offer, this facility provides a full day of fun for NASCAR fans as well as those who are just curious. Current exhibits include “High Octane Theater,” “Heritage Speedway” and the “Whelan Hall of Champions.”

Thanks for playing!