Name that Flyover City – 8-15-19

Thanks for playing “Name That Flyover City”! Life just doesn’t get any better!

As a reminder, here’s a quick review of today’s incredibly difficult questions:

  1. What city was originally called Fort Raccoon?
  2. The YIELD sign was invented in this city in 1950 by a retired police captain.
  3. The guy who wrote “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” was from this city.

Immediate gratification:

  1. Des Moines–The original name of Des Moines was Fort Raccoon. It was later changed to Fort Des Moines, then shortened to the current Des Moines.
  2. Tulsa–A retired Tulsa police captain named Clinton Riggs invented the YIELD sign.
  3. Indianapolis–Albert Von Tilzer of Indianapolis penned the song that is now played across the nation during baseball games.

Thanks for playing AND for reading Flyover Future!