Name that flyover city – 8-19-19

Did you really think you’d end up here when you woke up this morning?

Thanks for playing “Name That Flyover City”!

As a reminder, here’s a quick review of today’s incredibly difficult questions:

  1. In what city was Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood produced?
  2. In what city was pioneering astronaut Neil Armstrong born?
  3. In what city was notorious crime boss John Dillinger born?

Your answers:

  1. Fred Rogers, the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was a longtime resident of this city. In fact, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was filmed and produced there at PBS member television station WQED.
  2. Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, was born in this city. He taught in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at a university there and lived there until his death is 2012.
  3. Notorious crime boss John Dillinger, whose gang was responsible for dozens of bank heists during the Depression era, hails from this city. He is buried in a cemetery there but there are plans to exhume his body in September at a family member’s request.

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