Name That Flyover City! 8/29/19

We thought we might find you here

Here’s a quick review of today’s questions:

  1. What city has the nickname of “Naptown”?
  2. Where is the Arnold Sports Festival held every year?
  3. Where was the world’s first polio vaccine created?


  1. Indianapolis, IN–The term Naptown was actually coined by jazz musicians in the 1930s. One of the first recorded uses was in a song by blues singer Leroy Carr in 1929: “When you get to Naptown, the blues won’t last very long. Because they have their pleasure, and they sure do carry on.”
  2. Columbus, OH–The Arnold Sports Festivalis one of the biggest fitness expos on earth. Arnold Schwarzenegger launched the annual festival in 1989.
  3. Pittsburgh, PA–Dr. Jonas Salk created the polio vaccinewhile working at the University Medical Center in the 1950s.