Name that Flyover City! 9/3/19

These are getting tough, aren’t they?

First, a quick review of today’s questions:

  1. Behind New York City, this city is now the country’s second-largest banking center
  2. Kurt Vonnegut was born and raised in this city.
  3. The first typewriter was invented here.


  1. Charlotte, NC–The rankings, according to an analysis for the Observer by S&P Global Market Intelligence, are based on the value of loans and other assets held by the banks headquartered in each city.
    Indianapolis, IN–Vonnegut’s father and grandfather, both architects, left their marks on the city.
    Milwaukee, WIThe first version to be called a “typewriter” and to use the QWERTY key setup, was invented here by by Christopher Latham Sholes, Frank Haven Hall, Carlos Glidden and Samuel W. Soule.

Thanks for playing AND for reading Flyover Future!