Name that Flyover city — December 20, 2019

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying Name that Flyover City!

Let’s review the questions.

  1. The famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses call this city home.
  2. The first historically black university in the South, Shaw University, is located in this city.
  3. The Public Library in this city boasts the world’s largest ceiling clock.

And here are the answers:

  1. St. Louis, MO—When the gorgeous animals aren’t busy traveling the US doing promotions and commercials, they are housed at Grant’s Farm.
  2. Raleigh, NC— Shaw University, a private Baptist liberal arts institution and historically black university in Raleigh, North Carolina was founded on December 1, 1865.
  3. Lexington, KY– Built in 2001, the World’s Largest Ceiling Clock is housed within the Rotunda of the Lexington Public Library. It has a five-story Foucault’s Pendulum which demonstrates the rotation of the Earth around a fixed plane.

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