Name that Flyover City! — December 9, 2019

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying Name that Flyover City!

Let’s review the questions:

  1. This city has the highest concentration of Native American effigy mounds that remain.
  2. This city has the longest continuous skyway system in the world.
  3. Those who snuck over the boundaries the night before the Land Rush of 1889 to claim the area around this city are known as “sooners.”

And here are the answers:

  1. Madison, WI—Between 300 and 1300 AD, Madison was occupied by Native American “mound builders.” While there were once thousands of the mounds, today only a few remain.
  2. Minneapolis, MN—The Minneapolis Skyway system consists of nearly 9 enclosed miles of walkways.
  3. Oklahoma City, OK—(Thought we’d toss you an easy one after that effigy question.) The name “sooner” derived from the sooner clause of the Land Rush’s Proclamation 288 — Opening to Settlement Certain Lands in the Indian Territory, which stated that anyone who entered and occupied the land prior to the opening time would be denied the right to claim land.


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