Name that Flyover City! — Feb 12, 2020

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  1. Shaw University, the South’s first African American college, began classes in 1865 and was chartered in 1875. In what city is it located?
  2. A celebration called the Mifflin Street Block party has been held every year since the 60s. What city throws this party?
  3. This city is home to what is claimed to be the largest bicycle museum.

And here are the answers:

Raleigh, NC—Shaw University is a private Baptist liberal arts institution and historically black university, founded in 1865 by Henry Martin Tupper, a missionary who taught freedmen. The school was named after the benefactor of its first building, Elijah Shaw.

Madison, WI– The Mifflin Street Block Party began in 1969 as a street protest, which involved dancing in protest against the Vietnam War. There were many clashes with the police including riots and the use of tear gas. Today the event is held the last Saturday in April to avoid conflict with student finals.

Pittsburgh, PA—The contents of Bicycle Heaven were collected by owner Craig Morrow over three decades. The bikes there are special for a variety of reasons including age, uniqueness, and Hollywood connections.

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