Name that Flyover City: Jan 6, 2022

Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. David Letterman did the weather for TV station WLWI in what midwestern city?
  2. The Legends are a minor league baseball team in what southern city?
  3. What midwestern city is the birthplace of Mitch Ryder, the rock singer who scored a #4 hit in 1966 with “Devil with a Blue Dress On”?

And here are the answers:

  1. Answer: Indianapolis. Letterman was born in Indy and attended college at Ball State University. He was infamous at the TV station for making the crew laugh, and relocated to Los Angeles in 1975 to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. He was one of the pioneering comedians operating out of the legendary Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd, and eventually made his way to the “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” From there it was a series of late night (and one morning) talk shows that eventually made him a household name.
  2. Answer: Lexington, KY. Since 2001, the Lexington Legends have been a success in Lexington and the surrounding area, playing their home games at Legends Ballpark on the city’s northeast side. The team gained national attention when Roger Clemens, the former New York Yankee pitcher, signed with the Houston Astros, and had to start his seasons with the Legends, who were the Astros minor league affiliate.
  3. Answer: Detroit. Considered the heart and soul of the Motor City rock & roll scene, Mitch Ryder holds a special place in rock history. Famous for his powerful vocals, he joined forces with the Detroit Wheels and brought their sound to the world. Born William Sherille Levise Jr. in 1945 in Hamtramck, MI, just outside of Detroit, he is still rocking today, having released more than 25 albums over four decades.