Name That Flyover City! — January 7, 2020

Here are this week’s trivia questions:

  1. Drivers in the 50s, not unlike drivers today, were often confused by who was supposed to yield at intersections using the right-of-way law. In 1950, a police officer in this city designed a traffic sign to ease the confusion. What city and what was the sign?
  2. This city is home to the world’s most famous condiment producer. What city is it?
  3. Notorious crime boss John Dillinger, whose gang was responsible for dozens of bank heists during the Depression era, hails from what city?

And here are the answers:

  1. Tulsa, OK – Police officer Clinton E. Riggs invented the Yield sign. The original design was a keystone shape. The color yellow was added later because drivers could see it better at night.
  2. Pittsburgh, PA – The Heinz company was founded by Henry John Heinz in 1869. It now manufactures thousands of food products in plants on six continents and markets these products in more than 200 countries and territories.
  3. Indianapolis, IN – Dillinger is buried in a family plot in Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery in Indy. At his funeral, some of the 5,000 attendees started taking flowers and handfuls of dirt as souvenirs. Dillinger’s dad and brother had his body exhumed and reburied under layers of iron and concrete. In 2019, a couple of his descendant’s wanted to exhume his body because they thought it wasn’t really him in the grave. Those plans were later scrapped.

Thanks for playing!