Name that Flyover City! — Nov 10, 2022

Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. What southern city is home to Pinky’s Westside Grill, where they serve the famous “Ding Dong Style Crunchy Chicken Sandwich”?
  2. In what midwestern city was the typewriter patented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1867?
  3. What city is the birthplace of stage and screen performer Kristin Chenoweth?

And here are the answers:

  1. Answer: Charlotte, NC. When Guy Fieri brought his legendary show, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” to Charlotte, there was never any doubt they would visit Pinky’s! Owner Greg Auten opened his new place in 2011, after the closing of the legendary Penguin Diner, and brought his food game to a whole new level. The restaurant is located in what was once the Triple G Volkswagen repair shop, which explains the VW on the roof, AND their famous Triple G burger, which consists of three beef patties, house-made chili and southern slaw. The Ding Dong Chicken Sandwich is like something created in a laboratory – chicken breast, cilantro coleslaw, crunchy peanut butter and Sriracha put a Thai-influenced spin on this popular Pinky’s menu item.
  2. Answer: Milwaukee, WI. Milwaukee media outlet reports in its “Vintage Wisconsin” series that, “There was no single moment of discovery for the typewriter but rather a variety of models as inventors struggled to craft a usable design. Sholes read about typewriters and decided to come up with his own model.” While employed as a mechanical engineer at Kleinsteuber’s Machine Shop in Milwaukee, Sholes tinkered with and finally completed design and construction of the device that would change American, and eventually the planet’s, culture forever. After years of tinkering to improve the original 1867 design, Milwaukee businessman James Densmore invested the capital to bring Sholes’ machine to market and persuade manufacturers E. Remington & Sons of Ilion, New York to produce it. The Remington Standard Model Number 6 typewriter was manufactured by the Remington Standard Typewriter Company around 1894 and became the world’s first commercially manufactured typewriter.
  3. Answer: Tulsa, OK. Tony and Grammy Award winning actor and singer Kristin Chenoweth was born in Tulsa in 1968. Her adoptive parents encouraged her from an early age to pursue singing at church and acting in local theater productions. After graduating from Broken Arrow High School outside of Tulsa, she attended Oklahoma City University, where she quickly escalated her involvement in music, theater, and dance. She began taking roles in productions at the Lyric Theatre in Oklahoma City while still in college, and later earned her master’s degree from Philadelphia’s Academy of Vocal Arts. In 1993, she moved to New York to pursue her career full time, and by 1997 she had appeared in her first Broadway musical, “Steel Pier.” She won her first Tony in 1999 for the Broadway revival of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and in 2004 broke out as an undeniable superstar while playing Glinda in the smash-hit musical, “Wicked.” Noted for her diminutive stature (she’s 4 ft. 11 inches tall) and her outsized personality, Chenoweth has become an undeniable force in show business, performing in numerous movies and TV shows. She even had her own sitcom, “Kristin,” in 2001.