Name that Flyover City — November 1, 2019

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying our little trivia game.

Here’s a quick review of the questions:

  1. An iconic American record label in this city was initially called “Hitsville U.S.A.”
  2. From this city, drivers can reach 50% of American households and 30% of Canadian households in a one-day drive.
  3. In the early 20th century, this city was controlled by political boss Tom Pendergast.

And, now, the answers:

  1. Detroit, MI—The city was the first headquarters of Motown. Barry Gordy purchased a former photographer’s studio in 1959 and initially called it Hitsville USA. The building is now a Motown museum.
  2. Columbus, OH—Columbus’ strategic location in the U.S. Interstate system means major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and New York City are less than a day’s drive away.
  3. Kansas City, MO– Pendergast directed the flow of illegal alcohol during Prohibition and rigged elections to keep his friends in power.

Thanks for playing Name that Flyover city AND for reading Flyover Future!