Name that Flyover City — November 15, 2019

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying Name that Flyover City!

Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. This city is home to a mysterious phenomenon called “The Center of the Universe.”
  2. You’ll find the world’s largest rubber stamp in this city.
  3. The Oriental Theatre in this city has shown the cult film “Rocky Horror Picture Show” every Saturday night at midnight since Jan. 7, 1978.

And here are the answers:

  1. Tulsa, OK—In Tulsa, the Center of the Universe, is actually a small concrete circle in the middle of a larger circle of bricks. OK, so how did such an unremarkable spot come to be called that? If you stand in the middle of the circle and make a sound, that sound will echo back many times louder than it was made. Even weirder is that the voice of someone inside the circle is distorted to listeners on the outside.
  2. Cleveland, OH—The 28-ft tall, 48-ft long steel office stamp sculpture bearing the word FREE was commissioned in 1985 to Claes Oldenburg. It’s located in Willard Park and is a great place for a photo op.
  3. Milwaukee, WI—The theatre boasts the longest running showing of the movie in the United States.

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