Name that Flyover City! — November 6, 2019

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying our little trivia game.

Here’s a quick review of the questions:

  1. For nearly half a century, this city boasted the world’s largest four-sided clock.
  2. The mask-wearing heavy metal band Slipknot was formed in this city in 1995.
  3. Frank and Jesse James’ mom was born in this city.

And, now, the answers:

  1. Milwaukee, WI—The clock upon the Allen-Bradley tower in Milwaukee was known as the biggest four-sided clock in the world. Now that distinction goes to Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower, which overlooks Mecca’s Grand Mosque.
  2. Des Moines, IA—The heavy metal band is known for its attention-grabbing image and aggressive style of music.
  3. Lexington, KY—Zerelda James was a proud mother, by all reports. She lost part of an arm and a young son in a raid on her home by Pinkerton operatives, but never surrendered the belief that her other boys, Frank and Jesse, were Confederate heroes, not ruthless murderers.

Thanks for playing Name that Flyover City AND for reading Flyover Future!