Name that Flyover city — October 14, 2019

Ok, let’s check your answers.

As a reminder, here’s a quick review of today’s questions:

  1. What city established a fair campaign act known as the “Twinkie Law”?
  2. This city’s capitol is the only one in the world surrounded by working oil wells.
  3. This city experienced a catastrophic flood in 1937.

The answers:

  1. Minneapolis, MN–A Minneapolis City Council candidate was indicted by a grand jury for serving Twinkies to groups of elderly voters. After the scandal, a fair campaign act was established, which is now commonly known as the “Twinkie Law.” The law has since been repealed.
  2. Oklahoma City, OK—Located on more than 100 acres in NE Oklahoma City, the state capitol is lousy with oil wells. Folks even named one of the wells “Petunia” because it was drilled in the middle of a flower bed.
  3. 1937 Flood, Louisville, KY Courtesy of Filson Historical Society

    Louisville, KY—In 1937, in one of the largest floods in American history, 60% of the city and 23,000 people were forced to evacuate. Clean up and recovery took months and some areas, such as Louisville’s Shippingport and The Point neighborhoods, essentially disappeared.

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