Name that Flyover city — October 18, 2019

We got the answers! But first, let’s review the questions:

  1. In was in this city that the Harley-Davidson company was founded.
  2. Towards the end of his career, Peyton Manning used this city name frequently at the line of scrimmage.
  3. A suburb of this city home to 109 concrete ears of corn.

And, now, the answers:

  1. Milwaukee, WI—21-year-old mechanical engineer William Harley finished a design for a bicycle with a single-cylinder engine. He and the three Davidson brothers—Arthur William and Walter (maybe the least likely biker names ever)–began turning out motorcycles in a 10×15 shed on the Davidson property.
  2. Omaha, NE—After retiring, he explained the usage of the name. “Omaha was a trigger word that meant we had changed the play, there was low time on the clock, and that ball needed to be snapped right now to kind of let my offensive lineman know that ‘Hey, we’d gone to Plan B, there’s low time on the clock.’ It’s a rhythmic three-syllable word, ‘O-ma-ha, set hut.’”
  3. Columbus, OH– In 1994, artist Michael Cochran built the sculptures to honor Ohio’s agricultural roots and arranged them in rows in a field. They each stand 6 feet 3 inches high.

Thanks for playing Name that Flyover city!