Name that Flyover City — October 25, 2019

You may have made it past the bridge (or not), but can you fend off the attack bunny?

Now, for something completely different!

On to “Name that Flyover City!”

Let’s review the questions:

  1. The city is home to the only floating post office in the United States.
  2. Cashew chicken was invented in this city.
  3. This city has seen more tornadoes than any other city in America.

And now for the answers:

  1. Detroit, MI– Deliveries are carried out by the 45-foot J.W. Westcott II. In 23 October 2001, the boat sank while caught in the wake of the Norwegian oil tanker MT Sidsel Knutsen. It was later salvaged, refurbished and returned to service. (Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night… Guess they should add “deluge” to that list.)
  2. Springfield, MO–Cashew chicken was invented at Leong’s Tea House in Springfield. Leong based the dish on the popular fried foods common in the Ozarks.
  3. Oklahoma City, OK–Between 1890 and 2011, the city, which is located near the heart of “tornado alley,” Oklahoma City was hit by a total of 147 tornadoes.

Thanks for playing Name that Flyover city AND for reading Flyover Future!