Name that Flyover City! — October 31, 2019











Happy Halloween!

Ready for the creepy answers?

First, let’s review the questions:

  1. This city boasts a library that has long been rumored to house a spirit known as the Lady in Grey.
  2. This city holds an annual Halloween music festival called Freakfest.
  3. The creepy tourist trap called Trundle Manor is located in this city.

And now the answers:

  1. Evansville, IN—The Lady in Grey, so-named because of her long grey dress, shawl and veil, is said to sometimes appear in the library, accompanied by musky perfume, moving books, and lights that flicker.
  2. Madison, WI—The event, sponsored by Frank Productions, reportedly sold nearly 15,000 tickets this year. It features musical acts on three stages but the real fun comes from seeing the costumes worn by the attendees.
  3. Pittsburgh, PA—Trundle Manor, founded by artist couple and Anton and Rachel Miriello, is a unique museum of the macabre, featuring a range of displays, including taxidermy, old medical devices, and unique artwork.

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