Name that Flyover U! – September 10, 2019

Let’s see how you did!

First, a quick review of today’s questions:

  1. The sports dramas Knute Rockne: All American and Rudy were filmed at what university?
  2. This university boasts the annual Buggy race.
  3. This school’s mascot is a Cardinal named Cy.


  1. The two movies were filmed at Notre Dame. Knute Rockne, All American was filmed in 1940 and starred Ronald Reagan. Rudy, the movie people turn to when they need to get off the couch and achieve something was filmed in 1993.
  2. Carnegie Mellon hold the annual Buggy race, where student organizations build an aerodynamic, cylindrical three- or four-wheeled cart (the “buggy”) and push it through a one-mile course through campus.
  3. Cy the Cardinal is the Iowa State mascot. The team’s name—Cyclones—wasn’t easy to depict in costume, so the school selected a cardinal from the cardinal and gold official school colors.

Thanks for playing AND for reading Flyover Future!