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“I love that Flyover Future is focused on the Midwest. We have all the talent, ideas, and capital we need to compete with the coasts.” — Bo Howell, CEO of Joot, Cincinnati, OH


"I always enjoy reading the local startup news in Flyover Future. These are the kinds of stories that most align with my idea of small business and what grows the Cincinnati economy and creates jobs. I want to say thank you to the staff for highlighting entrepreneurs and their journey. I'm not sure where else I'd read about the progress of our ecosystem." — Adam Koehler, Founder of Reversed Out, Cincinnati, OH


“Flyover Future provides much needed highlights on Midwest based innovation and startups. This is critical for companies outside of the coasts to receive the attention they deserve. I learn a great deal about what's happening and use it to expand my network.” — Bronwyn Morgan, CEO of XEO Air, St. Louis, MO


Flyover Future does an outstanding job of providing dedicated space for telling the dynamic stories of entrepreneurs, founders and the funders who support their ventures in cities and places that aren’t always predictable. The editorial team is terrific to work with and consistently delivers a quality presentation of news that might not otherwise get the coverage it merits.” — Phil Cynar, Senior Communications Specialist/Media Relations Lead, Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Pittsburgh, PA


“You all are doing great work in raising awareness of exciting things happening in the middle of the country!” — John Wright, Vice President at GE Healthcare in Milwaukee, WI


“I’m happy with what you guys are doing at Flyover Future. I love that you’re shining a spotlight on these ecosystems.” — Victor Gutwein, M25’s Managing Partner in Chicago, IL