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Goodyear Ventures & the future of mobility | Black Tech Nation | Airspace tech

May 13, 2021

We talk with Abhijit Ganguly from Goodyear Ventures about the future of mobility, Time Magazine recognizes World Wide Technology, Lighthouse Avionics takes flight, and funding for robotics startups.

COVID finder tech | Virus-killing robot | Sanitizing drones | Health Tech

May 12, 2021

HealthTech is happening all over Flyover Country: Farmspace Systems tech tapped by the Department of Homeland Security to detect #COVID19, students at Wichita State University are creating a robot to kill COVID, The Ohio State University researchers are working on a new cancer treatment, and more Midwest health R&D.

Stemming human trafficking with AI | Oracle considers Nashville | Blockchain research in Tulsa

May 6, 2021

It’s time to land in the mighty middle for innovation! We talk with Marinus Analytics about leveraging AI to stem human trafficking, a surge in tech opportunities across Flyover Country, Oracle considers Nashville for tech hub, a blockchain research lab in Tulsa, fintech innovators in Little Rock, and startup funding.

Predicting ICU needs | Accelerating tech solutions | Brain Computer Interface

May 5, 2021

  Predicting ICU needs Accelerating tech solutions Dust Cancer & COVID-19 PUDDLE HOPS: Health tech Image by Nhemz for Shutterstock Data scientists from the Michigan Center for Integrative Research have shown that an analytic model they created is significantly more accurate in predicting deterioration and need for life-saving interventions for COVID-19 positive patients. The University…

READY Robotics | Blockchain | Space tech in the Midwest | 3D mapping

April 29, 2021

Midwest innovation at work: Why READY Robotics calls Columbus home, wearable industrial tech from Detroit’s GuardHat Technologies, Minnesota Twins partner with TechStars, Purdue University & AgTech, and startup funding across Flyover Country.

A COVID-19 therapy trial | Zero readmissions | Imaging tech

April 28, 2021

Airway Therapeutics to begin clinical trial for a COVID-19 therapy, Louisville’s Baptist Health achieves zero readmissions with monitoring platform, the Cleveland Clinic launches a second opinion program, Anthem is leveraging AI with partners, and more health innovation from across Flyover Country.

Sparking entrepreneurship in Ann Arbor | Renewable energy | Digital fingerprints

April 22, 2021

Flyover Future talks with Ann Arbor SPARK’s Bill Mayer about supporting entrepreneurs, energy innovation across the Midwest, the Ohio State University is developing digital fingerprints, and everyone should be paying attention to JumpStart in Cleveland.

Vaccines | How care has changed | IBM & Cleveland Clinic | AlphaLab Health

April 21, 2021

Vaccines and nursing mothers research from Washington University in St. Louis, how care has changed because of COVID-19, IBM & Cleveland Clinic establish the Discovery Accelerator, and a look at AlphaLab Health inaugural class.

Lewis & Clark Ventures | Arch Grants | Robots | 3D printing

April 15, 2021

Flyover Future talks with Brian Hopcraft from Lewis & Clark Ventures about bringing funding to the Midwest, the Arch Grants Startup Competition is accepting applications, large-scale 3D printing, robotics, and more innovation across Flyover Country.

Easing PPE demands | Vaccines and kids | Antiviral therapeutics

April 14, 2021

Pandemic Innovation: Pittsburgh easing PPE demands, a double lung transplant in Ohio for a COVID patient, Cincinnati Children’s assisting with vaccine for kids, antiviral therapeutics in Indiana, and more from Flyover Country.