The connecting hub for innovators between the coasts

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Flyover Media Group is an integrated media company focused on connecting communities of innovators throughout “Flyover Country.”

Our mission is to be the regional hub for leading innovators. Whether you’re a Chief Innovation Officer, IT leader, startup founder, researcher, investor, or part of a team working on cutting edge technology, our newsletters are your new next must-read.

We will help you connect to the ideas, people, and resources in the region you need to flourish. We build communities through inspirational storytelling, unique opportunities to interact, and data powered by human intelligence and analysis.

Innovative storytellers 

Flyover Future is a celebration of the innovation taking place in Flyover Country and the people and institutions driving it. Our newsletters, innovation radar, and IT Strategy Community will give you a glimpse into the many inspiring efforts going on all around us to foster and accelerate innovation. Our flight plan is designed to inspire you and help you learn a bit about key players in our ecosystems. We believe that for each of us to thrive, all of us must thrive. We need to embrace the diversity and the opportunities that abound in Flyover Country.

Our Team

We are a group of experienced and innovative tech and media entrepreneurs. We know in our bones how important innovation is to our future.  

With decades of media experience we’ve done it all — bootstrapped our way to success, pivoted on a dime, pitched and secured venture capital, completed several successful exits, built audiences in the hundreds of thousands, and yes, we also learned valuable lessons through failure.

Our team is also well entrenched in Flyover Country. We have spent most of our lives in the Midwest and know journalists in the cities we cover. We also know the stories you want to tell because we’ve experienced it firsthand.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out and connect to our team to get to know us, tell us your stories, share ideas and foster future partnerships. Here’s how to reach us!

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Managing Editor

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Writer & Editor

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Vice President