CBD may inhibit COVID infection | Examining ‘disgust sensitivity’

CBD may inhibit infection from COVID

LOUISVILLE, KY—Researchers from the University of Louisville and the University of Chicago found evidence that CBD can inhibit infection from COVID in human cells and mice. Now the researchers are asking to start a clinical trial to determine if CBD can be used as a preventative or early treatment for COVID.

The effect of COVID’s stay-at-home orders

ANN ARBOR, MI—The effect of stay-at-home orders at the beginning of the COVID pandemic was studied by researchers at the University of Michigan. The researchers looked at the costs and benefits of lockdowns in the first six months of the pandemic, not in dollars, but in the numbers of lives saved and years to live.

COVID alters “disgust sensitivity”

COLUMBUS, OH—It’s called “disgust sensitivity.” It’s an evolutionary trait that determines how intensely a person is repulsed by images, ideas or situations that could be considered gross or merely unpleasant. A new study out of The Ohio State University suggests that that sensitivity can change and did so during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was worried about getting the virus.

How long are vaccines effective?

CHAPEL HILL, NC—Dr. Dan-Yu Lin, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has published a study that shows that, while COVID vaccines provided a high degree of protection against hospitalizations and death at least 6 months after vaccination, there was a gradual decline in the effectiveness 1-2 months after vaccination. The lowest level of protection occurred with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.