Robotic pet therapy for COVID long haulers | Continued risk | Avatars

Long-term COVID effects on mood

CINCINNATI, OH—In order to address patients suffering from long-haul COVID-19, researchers at the University of Cincinnati are expanding research on how art therapy and pet robots affect the moods of patients. COVID’s long-term effects can include loss of smell or hearing, which, in turn, can increase feelings of depression and anxiety.

Increased risk of death after COVID

ST. LOUIS, MO—Even people with mild cases of COVID-19 are at increased risk of death for months after the acute illness has passed, according to a study by Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, a kidney doctor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis who specializes in big data. By analyzing thousands of veterans’ health records, Al-Aly found that COVID-19 survivors face nearly a 60% higher chance of death from all causes in the six months after diagnosis.

Avatar company addresses social isolation

PITTSBURGH, PA—AvaDynamics is a startup that has been working to create avatars that give the experience of your presence to anyone, regardless of distance. It’s one company that was actually boosted by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and social isolation. Now AvaDynamics has advanced to the final leg of the $10 million ANA Avatar XPRize.