Simplify IT with a Data Center in a Box

What is hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and is it appropriate for your business? The demands on IT infrastructure and the workload of tech teams are only increasing. Is it time to consider a solution that enables you to do more with less, maximizes uptime, and allows IT to focus on the business strategy instead of day-to-day operations?

On September 23rd we explored these questions and more at our virtual event, “Simplify IT with a Data Center in a Box”. Our expert panelists were:

  • Jeff Ready, Founder & CEO, Scale Computing
  • Benny Russert, vCIO, Prosource
  • Ryan Fackey, Sr. Solutions Architect, Prosource

The speakers shared with us and our audience the ways in which HCI simplifies deployments, automates operations, and lowers costs. There was a lively discussion focused on the businesses that are most appropriate for HCI and the experts from Prosource detailed several real-world use cases. Jeff Ready, an early pioneer of HCI, shared many insights including the history of the technology, his vision for a future IT utopia, and his thoughts on Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare.

You can watch the entire panel discussion here: