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Event Highlights:

Universities are where groundbreaking discoveries happen. From Google, the barcode, and Gatorade to the polio vaccine, research at universities plays a critical role in improving the world around us.

Flyover Future spoke to an amazing group of leaders--representing the University of Michigan, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Cincinnati--who are revolutionizing the process from innovation to commercialization.

The tech transfer panel included:

  • Kelly Sexton, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships at the University of Michigan (U-M)
  • John Hanak, Chief Innovation and Corporate Officer, University of Oklahoma (OU);
  • Geoffrey Penske, Assistant Vice President for Technology Transfer at the University of Cincinnati (UC).


  • A sea change
  • Relationships
  • Funding
  • Results
  • What does the future hold for tech transfer?