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E1: Data Privacy & the Future of CIOs with Debbie Reynolds

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Episode Highlights:

Data Privacy Expert Debbie Reynolds

Global Data Privacy Expert Debbie Reynolds

Here are some of the questions we cover with Debbie:

  • How do new-ish data security rules affect businesses?
  • Who in an organization will be affected by these changes?
  • What is the future of the CIO?
  • Why is storytelling important to cybersecurity?
  • How do you use your soft skills in your career?

About Debbie:

Ms. Reynolds has been named to the Top Ten Global Data Privacy Experts by Martechvibe 2021, the Global Top 30 CyberRisk Communicators by The European Risk Policy Institute, 2021, recognized as one of the stellar women who know Cyber by Cybersecurity Ventures in 2021, and honored as an American Bar Association Women in Legal Technology in 2022. Ms, Reynolds also produced the Worldwide #1 Data Privacy Podcast in 2021 called “The Data Diva” Talks Privacy Podcast.