$1.8B chip facility coming to Purdue | Pittsburgh company part of robotics alliance

$1.8B chip facility coming to Purdue University

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN–Minnesota-based U.S. semiconductor manufacturer SkyWater Technology, in partnership with the state and Purdue University, has announced plans to invest $1.8 billion in a state-of-the-art chip research and production facility in Indiana. The day before the announcement, the U.S. Senate approved a slimmed-down version of the “CHIPS Act,” which aims to provide the semiconductor industry with billions of dollars in subsidies and tax credits. The facility will be located at in the Discovery Park District.

Pittsburgh part of robotics alliance

PITTSBURGH, PA–Robotic technologies are addressing issues such as access to clean water and climate change with great success. Now, Pittsburgh Robotics Network will form an alliance with MassRobotics and Silicon Valley Robotics. The alliance, called the United States Alliance of Robotics Clusters (USARC), will support the development, commercialization, and scaling of robotics for the global good along with government and industry stakeholders.

Flyover farmers pioneering AgTech

FLYOVER COUNTRY–Farmers in Flyover Country are pioneering the use of technology in agriculture, from drones that target weeds to tractors that drive themselves. Here are a few examples of the technological advances that are saving money and time for farmers in the Midwest. We talked about how Flyover Country is having a global impact in this piece from earlier this year.

Researcher develops app to stem human trafficking

ST. LOUIS, MO–Calls to a human trafficking hotline are on the rise in Missouri, according to anti-trafficking group Polaris. Abby Stylianou, a Saint Louis University researcher, helped create an app that lets people anonymously photograph hotel rooms and upload the data to a national law enforcement database. Investigators who access the portal can upload and compare their photos with images in the database, all in an effort to find victims and prosecute perpetrators.