Wisconsin startup finalist at SXSW pitch competition | Epilepsy device receives FDA clearance

Wisconsin startup named finalist at SXSW

HARTLAND, WI–Wearable Technologies, led by Deepak Arora, was one of five finalists in the artificial intelligence, voice and robotics technology category of the international SXSW Pitch competition—the only startup in Wisconsin to do so. Arora created the wearable device after his daughter wandered out of his house in 2020 and drowned in a nearby retention pond. has created a wearable device, that can be worn on the wrist like a watch or attached securely to different articles of clothing, that monitors several key pieces of information that can help predict potential hazards or emergency situations.

NeuroVice receives FDA clearance

CARY, NC—Medtech startup NeuroVice has received FDA clearance for its seizure disorder device. PATI is an oral device that can prevent tongue biting and oral traumas during epileptic seizures. Before sleep or the onset of an “aura,” often described as the beginning of a seizure, the patient inserts the protective device into the mouth, preventing injury to the tongue during an episode. It’s estimated that 3.4 million people suffer from epilepsy, or seizure disorder, in the United States.

Virtual reality adds to Escape Room experience

CHILLICOTHE, OH—Escape rooms – in which players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in a room in order to accomplish a goal in a limited amount of time – have become quite popular in recent years. Now Objective Reality Games is taking the concept further by adding virtual reality technology. If trying to solve a puzzle against the clock isn’t stressful enough for you, then this technology, which operates at a much higher capacity than at-home VR consoles, allows participants to “shoot bows and arrows and light stuff on fire. “

Using AI tech to teach chess

OVERLAND PARK, KS—Gaming startup Bryght Labs is building its momentum after its Shark Tank appearance late last year. Their product, ChessUp, is a patented chess board that uses AI technology and small instrument technology to help players learn the game and improve their skills. The first iteration of the product sold out. Now the company is focused on rolling more products that digitize play.

Healium partners with Mayo Clinic

COLUMBIA, MO–Mental health, wellness, and performance training company Healium offers a product that allows users to learn to self-regulate their focus and calm by giving them the ability to see their EEG brain patterns or heart rate in near-real-time. Healium announced that, along with Mayo Clinic, will acquire a total of $3.7 million in private equity investments. Through this arrangement, Mayo Clinic has agreed to lend their experts to further develop Healium’s fitness and mental health functions.