Detroit airport’s facial recognition tech | First ever cyclorotor hybrid drone

facial recognition tech

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Facial recognition tech at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

DETROIT, MI–Detroit Metropolitan Airport is now home to a eparture board that uses facial recognition tech to show travelers customized info about their flight, making finding gate and departure information quicker and easier. The technology, called PARALLEL REALITY, debuted at CES in 2020.

Miami University students take top prize

OXFORD, OH–Bloxsmith, a Web 3.0 startup created by Miami University students Blake Faulkner and Mason Williams, took the top spot at the Draper University Demo Day competition, beating out more than 50 other startups from two dozen countries. The competition was the culmination of Draper University’s Hero Training, a five-week intensive program designed to develop essential startup skills and gain exposure to industry experts. Bloxsmith lets game developers sell their 3D model creations for use across metaverse platforms like Roblox, Decentraland, Mutate, and The Sandbox.

Purdue grad creates cyclorotor hybrid drone

BOISE, ID–Zachary Adams has developed the first-ever cyclorotor hybrid drone and has begun his own company, called Pitch Aeronautics. Adding a cyclorotor allows a drone to stay level, while moving quickly and precisely in any direction, which lets it perform precise tasks in dangerous situations.)Adams is a PhD graduate from Purdue University and the Purdue Foundry helped him start the company with some of his Air Force colleagues.