Diagnose vehicle problems with AI | Astrobotic passes NASA test

AI app diagnoses vehicle problems

ANN ARBOR, MI–Could it mean no more getting scammed by used car salespeople and shifty mechanics? CarBeast launched an AI app, supported by technology and expertise from Ubiquiti Inc., that diagnoses vehicle problems and keeps owners informed about potential future maintenance and repairs needed. The data used by the app comes from millions of car service records and new data is continuously added.

Astrobotic passes NASA test

PITTSBURGH, PA–A wireless charging system developed by Astrobotic and WiBotic successfully passed testing to prove that it can function and provide enough power in both extreme hot and extreme cold to survive the 14-Earth-day lunar night. Astrobotic’s Jay Eckard said, “These tests demonstrate that Astrobotic’s wireless chargers are ready to distribute power for customers on the Moon.”

Wisconsin leads the way of waste research

MILWAUKEE, WI–Water supplies in the American West are at record or near-record lows, with extended drought and other factors lowering reservoirs. Wisconsin has a head start with meeting the challenge of threats to water supplies. Water research takes place at most of the state’s major campuses, including the UW-Madison, the UW-Milwaukee and Marquette University. The 2022 Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest focused on three ideas from faculty and students.

The Henry Ford Museum wants to inspire next-gen innovators

DEARBORN, MI–The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is partnering with large, Michigan-based independent transmission company ITC Holdings Corp. to educate and inspire its community of learners and the next generation of inventors about how electricity enables innovation. “The Henry Ford was founded to inspire the next generation of innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs,” said Patricia Mooradian, president and CEO of The Henry Ford, in a press release. “ITC is known for its commitment to innovation to creatively problem-solve and create a better future.”