U-M in top 5 schools globally for entrepreneurship

U-M in top 5 schools globally for entrepreneurship

ANN ARBOR, MI–The University of Michigan has once again been ranked in the Top 5 schools globally for its entrepreneurial ecosystem. Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine rank schools based on institutional survey data, including academic offerings, experiential learning opportunities, and career outcomes, among other factors. U-M was also chosen as number one school in the Midwest region for undergraduate entrepreneurship programs. The proof is in the pudding: U-M generated 16 new startup companies and 433 new inventions during fiscal year 2021-22, which ended June 30.

Prof develops assistive device with father in mind

MADISON, WI–A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his students designed equipment that is helping people with mobility issues stay active and productive despite physical challenges. Kody Habeck launched the project because his farmer father was having health issues but wanted to continue farming. The wheelchair-type design includes a transfer seat and attachments that make it possible to perform specific jobs from the chair.

New material for artificial bone applications

GRAND RAPIDS, MI–Medical device startup HAPPE Spine LLC expects to clear FDA approval for a new material for spinal and orthopedic implants that Chief Technology Officer Ryan Roeder developed in his research work at the University of Notre Dame. The material allows for the full or partial construction of artificial bone applications. The company closed on a $5.35 million Series A capital raise in early November.

Vanderbilt researchers test AI-powered cruise control system

NASHVILLE, TN–Vanderbilt University was part of a consortium of researchers who tested an AI-powered cruise control system design to increase fuel savings and ease car traffic. The test was conducted on the recently opened I-24 MOTION testbed, which stretches for four miles just southeast of downtown Nashville and is the only real-world automotive testing environment of its kind in the world. The smart highway is equipped with 300 4K digital sensors capable of logging 260,000,000 vehicle-miles of data per year.