VR tech that may help people recover from substance abuse disorder & more

VR tech that may help people recover from substance abuse disorder

BLOOMINGTON, IN–Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine are moving forward with virtual reality technology they hope can help people recovering from substance abuse disorder. Acknowledging that those in the throes of addiction focus their decision making only on the present–a fact that is not conducive for recovery–they’ve created a virtual reality experience that uses realistic avatars that look like the participants. The goal is to show those who are in recovery what their future could look like.

Physical intelligence engineered into structures

RALEIGH, NC–Researchers at North Carolina State University are looking at what can be accomplished when “physical intelligence” is engineered into the material and the design of a structure. The team has created a ring-shaped soft robot that can crawl across surfaces when exposed to elevated temperatures or infrared light. The “ringbots” are made of liquid crystal elastometers in the shape of looped ribbon and can crawl across surfaces, pull small payloads in air and water, and adapt their body shape to squeeze through confined spaces.

University entrepreneurship awards

LINCOLN, NE–Nutech Ventures is the nonprofit technology commercialization affiliate of the University of Nebraska that protects and licenses the university’s intellectual property. The group also promotes entrepreneurship through programming and sponsored events, such as hosting this year’s 2022 Innovator Awards. This year’s program recognized faculty members Chris Tuan and Lim Nguyen as Innovators of the Year for their work on new and unique concrete mixtures, methods, and applications for solving problems. Professor Greg Bashford won the Breakthrough Innovation of the Year award with his portable transcranial ultrasound device.

Notre Dame’s IDEA Center to collaborate with High Alpha Innovation

SOUTH BEND, IN–Business management consultancy High Alpha Innovation announced a new collaboration with the University of Notre Dame’s IDEA Center. The IDEA Center is the resource for all commercialization and entrepreneurial activities at the university. The collaboration will make investment capital available to qualified startup companies originating within Notre Dame, as well as create an on-campus venture studio that will build, staff and launch new software startups.