Iowa embraces virtual reality tech | Ford Motor Company and Big Data

Iowa embraces virtual reality tech

IOWA–Iowa manufacturers are adopting virtual reality (VR) applications in a big way. This article talks about some of the companies, such as Davenport-based ChalkBites and Marshalltown-based Mechdyne, that have made VR the basis of their work. This movement is aided by the Center for Industrial Research and Services at Iowa State University, which works with companies across the state to assist them in weighing the cost-benefit equation of AR/VR investments.

Ford Motor Company and Big Data

DETROIT, MI–Jason Ryska, director of global manufacturing technology development at Ford Motor Co., is leading a Big Data partnership with GFT Technologies and Google Cloud. The pilot application will monitor material inputs and process parameters on a large production metal stamping line that produces outer panels for F-150 pickups and Transit commercial vans.

Mobile fitness app for gamers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN–Video game studio Glossbird will be one of five companies participating in a startup accelerator in Spain. Over the next two months, Glossbird’s team will focus on developing Fitment, a mobile fitness app, at the Vitoria-Gasteiz F2P Campus accelerator. Fitment is geared to bringing micro workouts to low-fitness, casual gamers.

Flyover universities among most innovative in the world

FLYOVER COUNTRY–According to PatentVector, which uses machine learning to assess the worldwide patent system, the U.S. dominates. One of the reasons for this is that the U.S. is home to the most innovative universities in the world. 24/7 Wall St. created a list of the 25 most innovative universities in the world, ranked by most patents granted. Only two of the universities ranked were outside the U.S. Seven of the universities are located in Flyover Country: Case Western Reserve University (#21); University of Pittsburgh (#20); University of Minnesota (#18); Northwestern University (#16); University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (#13); University of Wisconsin-Madison (#7); and Purdue University (#6).