On-demand golf lesson booking | Electric cars and ‘range anxiety’

On-demand golf lesson booking

BASEHOR, KS–A startup called Mpruv Sports is set to launch its beta platform of Mpruv Golf, a peer-to-peer, on-demand application for booking coaches, caddies, and tee times. Using the platform, users are able to look through various golf coaches’ profiles, check out their social content, and then leave a review after a session. Coaches can offer both in-person and virtual lessons, as well as set their rate and schedule. The app is set to be free to download, but Mpruv Golf will charge a transaction fee when a session is booked as a way to monetize the platform.

Solving the ‘range anxiety’ problem of electric cars

PITTSBURGH, PA–One of the top concerns of consumers on electric cars is charging logistics. On average, electric cars drive just half the distance of their gas-powered counterparts before requiring a charge. Startup CorePower Magnetics is making lightweight motors, inductors and transformers that allow battery-powered vehicles to travel farther without recharging. The company uses an advanced metal alloy that holds power at higher frequencies than conventional magnetic materials.

Danforth Technology Co. will invest in agtech startups

ST. LOUIS, MO–Non-profit research institution Danforth Plant Sciences Center has set up a for-profit subsidiary called Danforth Technology Co. that will invest in and advise startups based on its scientists’ work in agtech. The new center will play a role similar to BioGenerator, the investment arm of industry group BioSTL helping to turn St. Louis scientists’ research into businesses.