Artificial Intelligence to the rescue

When most people think about artificial intelligence they think chess-playing computers and self-driving cars (or anything that made an appearance on The Jetsons). While those are good examples (sorry, Kasparov), AI is being used in all facets of life, from making us safer to improving supply chain management. Here are a few examples of AI tech going on in the heartland. Stay tuned for many more!

Here’s a roundup of some AI initiatives that address specific problems in flyover country.

Bus safety in Indy

According to Safe Fleet, a company that provides safety solutions for vehicles, outside the bus is where students are most at risk. SafeFleet created a solution that uses AI and predictive analytics to proactively alert the bus driver and students of possible dangers outside the bus. If risks are detected, the students will be notified not to cross the street until the threat is clear.

Ai In pharmaceuticals

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) recently developed an AI-based pharmaceutical supply chain platform. The platform will help reduce the risks involved in supply disruption, allowing drugs to reach their final destination faster.

The platform, called CognitiveRx, utilizes machine learning to monitor the demand for drugs, predict the risks involved with shortages, and recommend the best inventory levels.

ScheduleMe to help ease the scheduling process

ScheduleMe, a Kansas City tech firm, is tapping into the power of data science and artificial intelligence to help businesses sort out scheduling issues, ensuring that the entire process, wherever and however it is used, becomes more natural. The ScheduleMe platform will help enterprises implement better time management practices across all of their various functions and verticals.

AI is touching on all aspects of life. You’ll be hearing much more about it.