Can innovation feed the world?

There are some fascinating startups in Flyover Country that are focused on the future of agriculture. Here are a couple that caught our attention this week:

EarthSense, in Champaign, IL, developed a four-wheeled robot that can monitor and deliver crop data in real time. The robot, named TerraSentia, weighs about 15 pounds and rolls through farmland like a tractor version of the Roomba.

A nice complement to the TerraSentia may be this up and coming service

Understory, founded in Madison, WI, has developed solar-powered weather stations that collect hyper-local weather data and can be placed in fields to assist in data-driven field decisions. Earlier this year, Understory raised $5.25 million in a Series B funding round led by True Ventures. Previous Understory investors 4490 Ventures and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund joined in the deal.