HealthTech: AI & radiology | Gene therapy for cancer | PPE monitoring software

  • COLUMBUS, OH—What is the latest on the use of AI in radiology? Dr. Mina S. Makary, from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Department of Radiology, and Carol A. Vitellas from Ohio State University College of Medicine, have written an article for about AI’s role in the transformation of radiology. AI uses include helping radiologists identify pathologies not visible to the human eye, differentiating between benign and malignant tumors without invasive biopsies, and predicting the likelihood of tumor recurrence.
  • RALEIGH, NC–Biotech company Inceptor Bio is looking to find potential gene therapy treatments for cancer. It recently raised $26 million, led by Kineticos Disruptor Fund, a life science investment vehicle managed by the Triangle-based consulting firm Kieticos. The company will be located in the Triangle and is looking to license and commercialize tech from universities.
  • DURHAM, NC–Identifying early stage throat cancer is done by using a long, flexible tube called a nasopharyngoscope. But that piece of equipment costs $10,000 and is not feasible for clinics in developing countries. Walter Lee, M.D., leader of Duke University’s otolaryngology clinic worked with biomedical engineering professor Bob Malkin, PhD, to design a scope that costs about $600. Doctors at 30 hospital in Vietnam will begin using the scope this September.