HealthTech: DARVIS moves to Nashville; BioGenerator Labs; $10.7M for Alzheimer’s research

  • DARVIS, Inc. is moving from San Francisco to its new home in Nashville, TN. The move follows DARVIS’ participation in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare program, a year-long accelerator that gives health care entrepreneurs access to experts and resources within the industry.
  • Things are rockin’ at universities in flyover country. A group of students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, while seeking to improve the rehabilitation process for stroke victims, invented a treadmill with self-pacing features. The Omaha Medical Technology Pipeline used the students’ notes and implemented a new algorithm for the treadmills.
  • OsteoDx, Inc., a company spun out of Ohio University, will receive a $2M grant from the NIH to further validate the efficacy of the company’s proprietary Bone Mechanics Technology. The tech addresses fragility fractures, which cost the U.S. healthcare system $2.3 million every year.
  • The National Institute of Aging of the National Institutes of Health has awarded a $10.7 million grant to Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Pittsburgh. The funding will address the schools’ Alzheimer’s disease research.