HealthTech: Drones deliver 3D-printed kidneys | Cyclotrons comes to MSU | Orthopedic needles

  • COLUMBUS, OH—Enabled by JobsOhio and DriveOhio, a combination of manned and unmanned aircrafts performed the first autonomous, multi-modal organ transport. The demonstration transported 3D printed kidneys and blood units from Ohio State University in Columbus to a local hospital in Marysville.
  • NASHVILLE, TN—A startup that helps people identify chronic kidney disease sooner raised $160 million in a series B funding round led by TPG Capital. Monogram Health was founded just two years ago by Michael Uchrin, a former insurance executive.
  • EAST LANSING, MI—Michigan State University welcomed two advanced GE PETtrace 890 cyclotrons to the Grand Rapids Innovation Park, making the facility one of the most modern in the world. The 12,000-square-foot radiopharmacy, when operating at full capacity, will support the growing diagnostic and therapeutic needs of thousands of cancer patients from West Michigan and around the country.
  • KNOXVILLE, TN—Two University of Tennessee-Knoxville alumni have patented a surgical needle designed to increase the speed and accuracy of whipstitching in orthopedic reconstruction surgeries, including ligament and tendon repairs.